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Zinc Oxide - Nano Sunscreen Grade

Zinc Oxide - Nano Sunscreen Grade

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Zinc Oxide is a very useful ingredient for a wide variety of uses - it has protectant, anti-bacterial and UV blocking properties amongst others.

This grade is Nano Sunscreen Grade Zinc Oxide and has a particle size around 80nm.

Common uses include;

Nappy Rash control Use between 5 - 20% in either a cream base or ointment base - contact us for formulas!

Sunscreen May be used to make natural sunscreens in cream, ointment or balm formulas

Barrier Creams As per nappy rash/diaper creams

Ceramics Used in glazes, and in gloss control

Papermaking Used to five whiteness to paper

Calamine lotion In combination with certain iron salts

Coatings Sacrificial coatings such a galvanizing rely on zinc to help from the protective coating

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