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Zinc Oxide BP

Zinc Oxide BP

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Zinc Oxide is a very useful ingredient for a wide variety of uses - it has protectant, anti-bacterial and UV blocking properties amongst others.

This grade is Pharmaceutical Grade (BP) Zinc Oxide and has a particle size around 200microns.

Common uses include;

Nappy Rash control Use between 5 - 20% in either a cream base or ointment base - contact us for formulas!

Sunscreen May be used to make natural suncreens in cream, ointment or balm formulas

Barrier Creams As per nappy rash/diaper creams

Ceramics Used in glazes, and in gloss control

Papermaking Used to five whiteness to paper

Calamine lotion In combination with certain iron salts

Food additive To whiten foods and also as a source of the essential nutrient Zinc (Zn).

Coatings Sacrificial coatings such a galvanizing rely on zinc to help from the protective coating

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