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Verstatil TBO Preservative

Verstatil TBO Preservative

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Verstatil® TBO is an economic blend for preservation with an innovative solvent system. Verstatil® TBO is easy to use and ideal for application in emulsions, tonics and hydrogels. The raw materials is clear and odorless and shows a strong antimicrobial activity over a broad pH range.

INCI Name:

Triethyl Citrate (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Benzoic Acid

Verstatil TBO the neweasy-to-use preservative blend, introducing triethyl citrate as an innovative solvent system for preservation blends in cosmetics. In combination with a multifunctional wetting agent and the well-known preservative benzoic acid, Verstatil TBO provides a versatile and safe preserving systems for a broad range of cosmetic concepts.

Verstatil TBO does not contain any fragrance components and therefore suits for perfume free, sensitive product concepts. The liquid colourless blend itself has no noticeable odour and can be therefore applied to achieve this marketing requirement. It can be used as a cost effective preservative for emulsions, gels and tonics in conventional cosmetics concepts.Verstatil TBO allows to work without phenoxyethanol, without compromising the biological stability of the products.

At a use level between 1,0 – 1,5%Verstatil TBO shows excellent efficacy over a broad pH range and is an economic alternative to standard preservatives systems.

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