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Vegetable Glycerine BP/USP Grade

Vegetable Glycerine BP/USP Grade

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Vegetable Glycerine is used in many industries from food to glues. This grade is coconut oil derived. Common uses include:

    • Soap-making - to make transparent soaps
    • Dry skin relief - Diluted 1:1 with water and apply to dry skin
    • Thinning gluggy mascara - Acts as a solvent – also works for Nail Polish
    • Extend life of cut flowers - Add 2 teaspoons of Glycerine to the water
    • Personal care cleansers - moisturizing agent for hand wash, shower gel
    • Skincare - Moisturizer for creams, lotions and balms
    • Hair care - Conditioning agent, moisturizer, humectant
    • Spill removal - Diluted 1:1 with water softens dry spills
    • Stain removal - Soak dry stains, leave 3-4 hours and wash as normal
    • Glass cleaning - Diluted 1:1 with Meths cleans mirrors and windows
    • Bath bombs - Moisturizer
    • Bath salts - Moisturizer
    • Preservative - Has bacteriostatic effect
    • Dairy Farming - Emollient, skin conditioner helps heal cracked teats
    • Lubricants - Personal and industrial uses
    • Stabilizer - Can be used to stabilize peroxide solutions
    • Botanical extracts - used as extracting agent
    • Electronic cigarettes - blend 1:1 with propylene glycol, and add flavours
    • Natural anti-freeze - non-toxic, non-irritating

Safety Information
Rare instances of skin irritation. Do not apply undiluted to the skin or hair. Avoid direct eye contact.

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