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Urea Granules

Urea Granules

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Urea is a simple carbamide (2 amine groups) with a wide variety of uses;

Fertiliser Probably the single most common use for Urea is for fertilising the soil and providing large amounts of fast acting Nitrogen

Fabric Crafts Used to help fix reactive dyes to cellulosic fibres such as cotton, linen, canvas hemp, jute, ramie, sisal, paper and rayon

Skincare Great for the relief of dry skin, especially cracked heels, hands and elbows. Use at 10% in a suitable cream base (we can help with this)

Haircare Used in conditioners to assist with relaxing the hair

Hair Removal For example in products such as Veet

Poolcare Used as a UV protecting agent to prevent breakdown of chlorine in swimming pools

Dishwash A mild alkali that helps with dissolving grease and also enhances solubility of detergents in water

Dyeing Enhances the solubility of dyes in water, for textile dyeing and printing.

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