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Tromethamine 99% - 50g

Tromethamine 99% - 50g

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Tromethamine 99%, also known as Tris is a neutralsiing agent and pH adjuster. It has many uses from industrial to personal care products. Common uses include:

Cosmetics: Used to balance pH levels in creams, lotions, shaving foams etc

Industrial products: Neutralising of all types of acrylic emulsifiers and gelling agents

Cement Clinkers: Used as organic additive in grinding of cement clinkers

Electrolysis: Used as complexing agent in electrolysis plating

Photography: Used in photographic processing

Metal working fluids: Used as corrosion inhibitor in metal cutting fluids

Safety Information

Triethanolamine is allergenic and hence it should not come in direct contact with skin or the eyes. It exhibits acute toxic properties at high doses.

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