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Sucragel XL

Sucragel XL

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Sucragel XL is an all-purpose oil gelling agent based on sugar chemistry. Perfect forcosmetic formulations, such as transparent gel-to-milk products. Supplied as an easy-to-use liquid.  Unlike Sucragel AOF, AOF BIO and CF, it does not require to be thermally stabilised with Sucrablend.

    • 100% natural origin
    • COSMOS Approved
    • NATRUE approved
    • Uses safe, mild materials
    • Gels are shear thinning, easy to pick up and apply
    • Creates a wide range of interesting textures
    • Forms transparent systems with esters, CCT, vegetable oils and non-polar oils


Perfect for use in clear gel-to-milk cleansers, massage gels, exfoliating scrubs and masks.

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