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Spanish Sage Essential Oil

Spanish Sage Essential Oil

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INCI Name: Salvia Lavandulifolia (Spanish Sage) Oil

Spanish Sage Essential Oil is derived via steam distillation of the leaves, and is also known as "Lavender Sage" as it has similar properties to Spike Lavender.

For soothing anxiety, tension and stress, Spanish Sage Oil is very calming, eases tense painful muscles, relieves muscular spasms, and can be effective in reducing pain associated with tension headaches. The effect Spanish Sage Essential Oil has on the brain's cognitive mechanism is well documented in a study titled Salvia lavandulaefolia (Spanish sage) enhances memory in healthy young volunteers. This study prompted the initiation of other medical reviews looking into the benefits Spanish Sage Essential Oil may have with Alzheimer's Disease.

When used in skincare, Spanish Sage Oil helps to balance production of sebum and is an effective and mild antiseptic. As such, its antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities make it beneficial for skin that suffers from acne and excess oil and dandruff-prone scalps. Spanish Sage Oil is also helpful with colds and flu because of its mucolytic (expectorant) effects that help to thin and loosen mucus in the respiratory tract when inhaled through heat steam vapor. This is why the people of Spain consider this essential oil a cure all for everything from colds and flu, muscle aches and pains, hair loss, to eczema and dermatitis.

Spanish Sage Essential Oil has many uses including;

  • Muscle, joint and blends and anti-muscle spasm creams and balms
  • Mild antiseptic for minor wounds, eczema and sores
  • Moisturising creams, lotions and balms
  • Aromatherapy to assist with calming, soothing and improving memory
  • Menopause, perimenopause and for premenstrual care products
  • Stimulate circulation and promote detox

For recipes, hints, tips and tricks on using Spanish Sage Essential Oil, contact us!



Health & Safety

Like all Essential Oils, Spanish Sage Oil is flammable and should be stored tightly sealed in the original glass packaging, in a cool dry and dark place, away from any heat or ignition sources.

This product is for external use only and direct skin contact with the neat product should be avoided.  Avoid contact with eyes at all times and do not use during pregnancy.  A patch test should be carried out prior to topical use. 

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