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Sourcapol DB-20 Fabric Detergent

Sourcapol DB-20 Fabric Detergent

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Sourcapol DB-20 is a highly concentrated sizing detergent especially developed as a pre-wash and after-wash to remove loose dye molecules, after the dyeing process is complete. Sourcapol DB-20 is pH neutral and will not damage silks, wool, cotton or other fabrics. Sourcapol DB-20 removes loose dye and keeps it dispersed in the liquor, preventing re-depositing and staining.

Use hot water for any fabrics dyed with reactive or disperse dyes (typically cottons, rayon etc), and cool to warm water for fabrics dyed with acid dyes (typically wool and silks) to prevent bleed.

Use Sourcapol DB-20 at the following rates;

Wool, Hemp, Rayon, Cotton 70ml (1/4 cup) per full load (top loader machines)

Silks (or front loaders) 35ml (1/8 cup)

Sourcapol DB-20 is proudly Made in New Zealand and is always in stock. Available in a great value 1L bottle, as well as 250ml bottles, plus 5L jerrycans.

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