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Sodium Metasilicate 95% min

Sodium Metasilicate 95% min

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Sodium Metasilicate has many uses from food to cleaning products. Common uses include:

Cardboards: Used as paper cement in making cardboards

Drilling Fluids: Used in drilling fluids to stabilize borehole wells & to avoid collapse of bore walls

Concrete: Used in concretes to reduce porosity in plasters

Detergents: Used to impart ruggedness to detergent granules

Cleaning products: Good alkali for hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners, spray & wipe

Water treatment: Used as coagulant or flocculant agent in waste water treatment plants

Fire protection: Used as vermiculite to make hard, high-insulation boards for fire protection

Dyes: Used as fixative for hand dyeing with reactive dyes

Egg preservative: Used as an egg preservative agent to keep them fresh & prevent spoilage

Aquaculture: Used as substrate for algal growth in aquaculture hatcheries in gel form

Pottery: Used to create a crackle effect in pottery items

Safety Information

It should not be inhaled as sodium metasilicate may cause irritation in mucous membranes, hence may also lead to permanent lung damage. Ingestion of sodium metasilicate may cause burns to digestive system. Exposure to eyes & skin may cause burning sensation. Keep out of the reach of children.

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