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Sodium Coco Sulphate

Sodium Coco Sulphate

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Sodium Coco Sulphate, also known as sodium cocoyl sulphate, is a plant derived, high foaming anionic surfactant, emulsifier and cleansing agent. It is used for a wide variety of products, and produces a dense, fine celled foam. It is a very strong cleanser and can be irritating if not used with other milder detergents such as decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine etc. Compatible with other anionic (negatively charged) and non-ionic (uncharged) ingredients but not compatible with strongly cationic (positively charged) ingredients. Contact us for guide recipes and ideas.

Common uses include;

Skincare Bodywashes, cleansers and scrubs - always use with other detergents to improve mildness

Haircare Shampoos, conditioning shampoos, 3in1 products - always use with other detergents to improve mildness

Creams and lotions Powerful emulsifier for creams and lotions, can emulsify up to 30x its weight of oils and waxes

Certificate of Anaylsis: HERE

Caution: the dust is very irritating, so take care when weighing or mixing into liquids.

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