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Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) 99% min

Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) 99% min

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Soda Ash is also known as sodium carbonate or washing soda, and has many uses from food to personal care products. Common uses include:

Soaps & Detergents: Used in soap & detergent formulations and binding process

Laundering: Soda Ash is used as water softener in laundering against hard water

Stain removal: Soda Ash is effective in removing grease, oil & wine stains

Cleaning Coffee Machines: It is used as de-scaling agent in Coffee machines

Glass Soda Ash: is major component used while manufacturing of Glass

Foods: Sodium Carbonate is used as acidity regulator, anti-caking agent in food items

Noodles: Soda Ash imparts required flavor and texture to ramen noodles

In Bricks: Soda Ash is used as wetting agent in brick industry

Toothpastes: Used as foaming agent and an abrasive

Silver cleaning: Used in process of silver cleaning

Aquarium: Soda Ash is used in aquariums to maintain pH balance of water

Safety Information
Though Soda Ash is not toxic, however, it is a mild alkali and may cause skin irritation & damage eyes upon contact. Also if ingested it may be harmful.

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