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Silicone Crosspolymer 1kg

Silicone Crosspolymer 1kg

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Dimethiconol & Cyclomethicone is also known as BRB SG 106, Dow Corning 9045 and DC 9045. It is a very thick silicone elastomer dissolved in cyclomethicone, and is an effective thickener for silicones. It is used for a wide range of skincare and haircare products. It has emoliency properties as well as creating a barrier on the skin to prevent dehydration, as well as a very smooth afterfeel. Prevents skin from feeling tacky after the product has been applied. It is also useful for cosmetics, as a thicvk layer has blurring and obscuring properties and a very matt effect on the skin, whihc helps to make fine lines and wrinkles less obvious.

Skincare Vapour barrier and smoothness

Make Up - cosmetics Blurring and soft focus effect

Haircare Conditioning and smoothness

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