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Silica silylate

Silica silylate

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Silica silylate is a 100% hydrophobic (oil soluble) fumed silica that thickens oils, emollient esters, solvents and polyols (such as glycols). It also thickens and suspends particles in oils. Silica silylate can create transparent gels in oils (e.g. mineral oil, castor oil, almond oils, apricot and avocado oil).

Thickens oil phases in emulsions and increases viscosity and gloss of various oils by forming oil-gels

Provides grip in powder products (such as dry shampoos, dry styling powders etc) and adds volume to dry shampoo products

Add to the oil phase of all emulsion types or just to oils to create oil-gels. Typical use levels are 0.1 - 30% (oil-gel formation usually occurs upon addition of 5-10%).

Common uses include;

Hair care products Dry shampoos, dry styling products

Skin care products All types of creams, lotions and milks

Suspends particulates E.g. pumice, apricot shells etc in exfoliants

Oleogel creation Can be mixed with all types of oils to create oloegels

Color cosmetics In makeup & powders to improve flow and colour development

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