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Shea Butter Refined - 500g Pure and Natural

Shea Butter Refined - 500g Pure and Natural

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Shea Butter has many uses from food to personal care products.  Shea Butter is an intensive moisturiser and improves skin hydration.  Shea Butter can be used for all types of haircare, skincare and personal care products.  Common uses include:

Cosmetics: Used in Lip care, skin care creams and moisturizers

Hair Care: Used to treat frizzy hair

In Soaps: 5-7% of Shea Butter is used in soap making

Cooking Oil: Used as cooking oil

Candle Making: Used in candles

Medicinal: Used in medical ointments

Sunscreen lotions: It is used in Sunscreens due to its capacity to help block UV Rays

Acne Treatment: It is used with combination with African Black Soaps for acne treatment

Scar Removal: It is used in reducing scars

Scalp treatment: It is used for scalp treatment to reduce irritation and itching

Wrinkles: Use of Shea Butter also helps reducing wrinkles

Stretch Marks: While pregnancy, shea butter is applied to reduce stretch marks

After Shave: It helps in reducing irritation & burning after shave due to razor

Contact us for expert advise, recipes , hints, tips and tricks on using Shea Butter.

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