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Sapogel Q Natural Gelling Agent for Oils

Sapogel Q Natural Gelling Agent for Oils

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Sapogel® Q is a completely natural solution to gelling oils and butters to make rich smooth balm textures.

It is particularly suited to gelling vegetable oils (triglycerides), but most non polar materials can be gelled including silicones and esters. In addition, Sapogel® Q can be used with butters to create rich gel textures without crystals forming. Virtually transparent or semi-transparent gels can be formed.

  • 100% natural origin
  • NATRUE approved
  • Palm free
  • COSMOS Approved
  • Enables the creation of palm-free balm textures without wax
  • Creates variable textures from honey to thick balms
  • Cold process manufacturing

Perfect for use in a wide range of balm applications:

  • Lip balms
  • Balm cleansers
  • Body balms
  • Scrubs, including sugar and salt
  • Face masks
  • Concentrated skin serums and creams
  • Hair/beard balms

Guide recipe for Vanilla Body Balm or contact us for more recipes.

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