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Pine Oil

Pine Oil

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Botanical name: Pinus Radiata Oil

Common name: Pine Oil, Pine terpenes, Terpineol

Pine Essential Oil has many uses from cleaning products and lubricants to personal care products. Common uses include:

Health Benefits: Used to treat sinus infections, skin problems like eczema, improve immune system, as well as fungal infections, and athlete’s foot.

Aromatherapy: Pine Oil is used in aromatherapy

Cleaning products: Used as a hard surface cleaner as it possesses cleaning power and is antimicrobial

Cosmetics It is used in cosmetic products due to its aroma

Perfumes: Used in perfumes to impart a soothing fragrance

Lice treatment: Used in Lice Oils to remove lice from hair

Clocks: Used as lubricants in miniature clock workings

Disinfectant: Used as disinfectant while cleaning and can kill many types of germs commonly found in the home

Ores: Used as collector in metal extraction ores

Room Freshener: Used in room fresheners due to its pleasant and fresh aroma

Safety Information

Keep out of the reach of children. Direct application may cause skin irritation. Heavy dosage of pine oil may cause central nervous system depression.

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