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Paraffin Wax 5kg

Paraffin Wax 5kg

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Paraffin Wax is used in many industries from cosmetics to beekeeping to wood preservation to pest control products to candle making.

Cosmetics: Used as a thickener and bodying agent for creams, lotions, rubs and balms

Beekeeping: Used to hot dip wood ware and protect against mould and fungal growth. Melt at 130 C and soak wood for 10-20 minutes

Pest Control: Melt and mix with grain and toxins to control rats and mice

Candle making: Melt and add in oils, colours, pigments and other waxes to get the look, feel and firmness desired

Depilation: Melt and apply directly to skin for depilation (hair removal)

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