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Olive Oil Extra Virgin

Olive Oil Extra Virgin

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many uses from food to personal care products.

Common uses include:

Skin Care: Used in moisturizers and cleansers in skin care products

In Massages: Used in infant massage and also preferred over sunflower or grapeseed oil

Culinary: Uses Used as cooking oils

Salad Dressing: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is used for salad dressing

Lubricant: Used as a lubricant for kitchen machinery like grinders, blenders etc.

Illumination: Can be used in light lamps/oil lamps

Soaps: Used as a base in soaps & detergent making

Laboratory: Used as solvent & ligand in synthesis of cadmium selenide quantum dots

Health Benefits: Recommended for heart patients in their diet in regular quantities

Make-Up Remover: Used to remove eye makeup

Fried Foods: Food fried in olive oil is good to eat and healthy too in contrast to the food fried in other edible oils

Safety Information

Very slight eye irritant.

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