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Neossance Squalane

Neossance Squalane

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First generation: “shark” squalane

Discovered in Japan in the early twentieth century, shark squalene had no significant use until the early ‘50s, when hydrogenation was used to stabilize it: it was then rapidly adopted by cosmetic formulators. However, use was hampered by cycles of shortages and price increases, and then from the 80s the ecological dimension prompted users to seek alternative sources.

2nd generation: “olive” squalane

In the 80s the Spanish company Hispano Quimica developed a method for extracting squalene from olive oil. The “olive” squalane brought a nice solution to sharks defenders and gradually took over despite higher prices and lower purity (approx. 92-96%), being more difficult to purify than from shark (99% approx.).

3rd generation: Neossance Squalane

Neossance™ is produced from farnesene, itself obtained by fermentation of sucrose in the presence of Sacccharomyces cerevisiae (a common and non-pathogenic yeast, which is then completely removed). Farnesene is hydrogenated and purified to produce Neossance™ Squalane.

Neossance™ is renewable and bio-based (100% USDA certified biobased product), non-GMO, and Ecocert approved. Its production does not compete with human food and it is much more effective than the olive crop since one hectare of land can produce up to 2500kg of squalane from sugarcane but only approx. 50kg from olive oil, and sugarcane by-products (bagasse, straw) are used to produce energy.

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