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Natragem Solubiliser

Natragem Solubiliser

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Natragem is a naturally derived, non-preserved solubilizer that enables the incorporation of a wide range of lipophilic (oil soluble) ingredients into clear, water based formulations. NatraGem can be used in gel, alcohol/aqueous, or cleansing solutions without impacting foaming properties. It is approved natural by Ecocert and has proven counter-irritancy benefits. NatraGem can solubilize a wide range of oils, oil-soluble vitamins and all essential oils.

It is also able to solubilize oils at surfactant:oil ratios comparable to other commonly used solubilizers. Start at 3 parts Natragem to 1 part oil.

Common uses include;

Room Sprays Can solubilise essential oils or fragrances into water

Shampoos/Bodywash Can solubilise vegetable oils, essential oils and fragrances into water

Serums As above

Floral waters Can solubilise essential oils or fragrances into water

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