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Meadowfoam Seed Oil 500ml

Meadowfoam Seed Oil 500ml

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Meadowfoam Oil is derived from a herb-like plant, usually via cold pressing method. Because of its unique composition, Meadowfoam Seed Oil is unusually stable and resistant to oxidation - a property that it can confer on other oils when mixed together. Meadowfoam oil is mostly composed of long-chain fatty acids C16 - C22), unlike oils like coconut oil which are mostly shorter chain fatty acids (C12). As a consequence, it is considered a high quality oil and possesses remarkable skin hydrating, moisturizing and rejuvenating capabilities.

Common uses include;

Skincare Fantastic ingredient for all types of skincare where hydration and stability is required

Haircare Great for shampoos and conditioners, adds lustre to hair

Massage Oils Extremely moisturising, with good play time and adhesion to the skin

Lip Balms Hydrating, stabilising and barrier forming for moisture retention

Fragrance binder Helps form a barrier on the skin and retain fragrances

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