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Manuka Hydrosol

Manuka Hydrosol

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Our Manuka Hydrosol is sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand. Hydrosols are the condensed floral waters left after the steam distillation of plant material, used to extract the essential oils. These floral waters contain useful water soluble actives, and are much gentler than the corresponding essential oils; they can be used directly on the skin, and in much higher concentrations.

Hydrosols are ideal for many skincare and haircare products, including cleansers, toners & moisturisers.

Manuka Hydrosol is useful for;

Skin Toners, facial cleansers, anti-acne products, hair conditioners, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal products, moisturisers and hand & nail creams.

Also useful as ingredients in cleaning products such as hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners and glass cleaners.

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