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Pure Mango Butter refined

Pure Mango Butter refined

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Botanical Name: Mangifera indica

Common Name: Mango Seed Butter

Mango Butter has many uses from food to personal care products. Common uses include:

Skin Care: Owing to its moisturizing properties it is used in many skin care products and makes skin soft, smooth and nourished

Dry skin treatment: It is used to treat dry skin and dermatitis

UV Protection: Properties of Mango butter allows help protect against UV, hence protects skin from harmful rays

Wrinkle removal: It is used to lighten fine lines and wrinkles on face

Skin treatment: It is used to lighten stretch marks, rashes, burn marks, insect bites

For Anti-Ageing: It is used in cosmetics and medicines for anti ageing

Safety Information
Mango butter is safe to use on the skin and does not have any negative side effects. Direct eye contact should be avoided.

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