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Magnolia Bark Extract Powder 98%

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder 98%

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Botanical name: Magnolia officinalis

INCI Name: Magnolia Officinalis (Magnolia) Bark Extract

Magnolia Extract is a pure powdered extract of the bark of Magnolia Officinalis with a minimum content of 98 % magnolol and honokiol in a ratio of approx. 1 to 1.  The compounds are lignans which have a number of useful properties for skincare, haircare, oral care and facial care products.  

Typical use levels: 0.05 - 0.5% for general hair, oral and skincare.  0.2% as part of a preservative system.

The aromatic bark of Magnolia officinalis is natural antimicrobial, and has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries, where it is known as ‘Houpu’.

Magnolia Officinalis is a deciduous tree species of Magnolia native to China that grows to around 20 meters in height, with broad dark green oval leaves and large white fragrant flowers. The bark is harvested during spring months, softened with steam, then rolled, dried and milled to a fine powder. It has a bitter taste, and contains many components with useful pharmacological properties.

It is also known as Houpo, Houpu, Extract of the bark of magnolia officinalis, and also magnoliaceae.

It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi pH independently. It has a very strong effect against caries/tooth decay and periodontitis, acts as an anti-inflammatory and is a highly effective anti-aging agent and a strong antioxidant.

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