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Liquid d-Panthenol

Liquid d-Panthenol

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Liquid d-Panthenol is a great active ingredient for haircare, skincare and footcare. It is a 50% blend with propanediol and is very easy to pour and use, compared to 98% d-Panthenol.

Also known as Pro-vitamin B5, Dex Panthenol, pro-pantothenic acid or D Panthenol, it is a humectant, helping tissues to retain moisture and remain hydrated. Liquid d-Panthenol also smooths the skin and helps hair to stay soft and elastic.

Once absorbed through the epidermis, Provitamin B5 is rapidly converted in to vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), which ensures the skin also benefits from this active ingredients' moisturising and softening properties.

Common uses for Pro-Vitamin B5

Shampoos To provide, conditioing, moisture rentention and elasticity

Conditioners To provide conditioning, moistuire retention and reduce combing force

Skincare Especially good for hand and nail creams

Footcare Helps soften and sooth hard skin and boost hydration

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