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Isopropyl Myristate Emollient Ester

Isopropyl Myristate Emollient Ester

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Isopropyl myristate is the ester of isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) and myristic acid, which is derived from vegetable oils, and has a wide variety of uses;

  • Skincare - Emollient used in creams, lotions and milks to improve spreading, and reduce drag caused by heavier vegetable oils
  • Haircare - Increases shine in shampoo, conditioner and styling products; improves spread and reduces drag
  • Soap making - Emollient to improve spreading, add slip, and reduce drag caused by heavier vegetable oils
  • Lice control - IPM is also used to control against head lice which works by dissolving the waxy cuticle that covers the exoskeleton of head lice, killing them by dehydration
  • Perfumery - It is used as a solvent in perfume materials.
  • Make up remover - It is used as a makeup remover (especially for colour-stay types) and is used in the removal process of prosthetic make-up
  • Pet care - Isopropyl myristate is also used in flea and tick controlling products for pets.
  • Horse fly control - Mixed with suitable essential oils, IPM can be used to produce a natural fly control product - contact us for recipes

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