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Isododecane Ultralight Emollient

Isododecane Ultralight Emollient

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Isododecane is an ultra-lightweight, volatile emollient useful for creating light, elegant emulsions for all types of skincare, haircare and personal care products.  It's also used as an ingredient in a variety of cosmetic products such as lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and hair gels.

It can very quickly evaporate from the skin and does not leave a sticky residue.   It is soluble in silicones, hydrocarbons, iso-paraffin but completely insoluble in water. Suitable for use in place of oil in oil-free formulas that require extra lightness.

Use level ranges from 1% to 100% depending on the application.   High purity with minimum 98% purity, typically well over 99%.  This is high quality product sourced from Japan.

Contact us for expert advise on using Isododecane in formulations.

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