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Hydrogen Peroxide 6% solution

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% solution

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Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical Grade.

Powerful bleaching, disinfection and cleansing agent.

Hydrogen Peroxide is most commonly used for heavy duty stain removal, disinfecting hard surfaces and sanitising, but is useful for other purposes also. 

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective grout stain remover and for all forms of bleaching, including de-yellowing of plastics. We recommend that you contact us for further information if you are unfamiliar with using this product.

Hydrogen peroxide is also used in taxidermy for bleaching bone, feather & fur.

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Technical has many uses including;

    • Laundry detergents and stain removers
    • Disinfectants
    • Whitening and bleaching of many surfaces
    • Bone bleaching for taxidermy
    • Wool, feather and fur bleaching
    • Personal care products
    • Hair bleaching
    • Paper making
    • Dyeing
    • Household hard surface disinfectant
    • Chemical reactions
    • Mould killer
    • Water treatment
    • Hydroponics
    • PCB etching
    • Grout and tile cleaner
    • Facial whitening cleansers

Safety Information
Caution – Hydrogen Peroxide 6% is oxidizing and corrosive. It is a skin and eye corrosive. Please take care to use gloves and eye protection. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid all contact with skin and eyes, wearing chemical resistant gloves, eye protection, long sleeved shirt and pants when handling. Store Hydrogen Peroxide tightly closed in the original packaging, in a cool dark place. Store away from reducing agents, alkalis, pure glycerine, oils, wood, paper and copper alloys.

Contact us for details on how to use this product.

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