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Glyceryl monostearate

Glyceryl monostearate

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Glyceryl monostearate, also known as GMS, glyceryl stearate or glycerol stearate, is an emulsifier derivsed from coconut or palm oil. GMS is an ester of vegetable glycerine and stearic acid. It is classed as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) globally and occurs natural in the human body during the digestion of fat and oil containing foods.

It is used in many industries including cosmetics, food and production, soap making, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Common uses include:

Skincare - Production of oil in water, or water in oil emulsions for creams, lotions and milks

Haircare - Production of hair conditioners and also styling creams and clays

Soapmaking - Helps stabilise both cold and hot-process soaps and disperse vegetable oils

Food - Used to disperse ingredients in ice cream, chocolate, bakery items and margarine

Beverage - Used as a flavour enhancer, emulsifier and stabiliser

Textiles - As a lubricant to the increase smoothness of fabric

Yarn - As an emulsifier in industrial yarn oil to promote emulsification

Plastics - As a humectant to increase smoothness, maintain moisture, antifog and antistatic

Pharmaceuticals - As an emulsifier and dispersant in ointments, creams, salves and balms

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