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Geogard ECT Preservative

Geogard ECT Preservative

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Geogard ECT is a unique, patent pending combination of benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin and sorbic acid, which are well accepted in a wide range of personal care products. The novel composition of this antimicrobial blend offers a low cost in use as well as broad spectrum protection in a diverse range of products against Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and molds at wide pH ranges. Geogard ECT has a wide range of global regulatory acceptance for personal care products. Also referred to as Preservative Eco.

Meets the COSMOS and ECOCERT standards
Broad spectrum activity on bacteria, yeast and molds
Has a wide range of global regulatory acceptance
Low odor and color
Wide pH compatibility: (pH 3 – 8)
All of the ingredients are approved for use in the US, Europe* and Japan† at the recommended use level (0.6-1.0%)

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