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Ethylene glycol distearate

Ethylene glycol distearate

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Ethylene glycol Distearate, also known as EGDS is a solid opacifying and pearlising agent commonly used in haircare products to impart either a white sheen or a pearl effect, depending on the quantity used. It must be melted either before use or during processing, depending on the formulation type. Upon cooling, the EGDS re-crystalises to form either a turbid or pearlescent structure.

It may also be dyed or pigmented or coloured with Micas for a sparkle/shimmer effect as well as to give coloured opaque or pearly effects. The glycol part of this molecule is sourced from ethylene glycol which is commonly petrochemical derived, the distearate is from stearic acid which is usually from vegetable sources. However as plant-based glycols become available at better prices, this product may become 100% plant based.

EGDS is oil Soluble but it is also surface active so can be melted into an aqueous product, especially in the case of shampoos and bodywashes. It has an HLB of around 5-6 and can be used as a co-emulsifer for water in oil (w/o) emulsions.

The melting Point is 58-64 C and typical usage is between 2 -4% (with a maximum 10%) depending on the desired effect.

Common uses include;

Shampoos Create an opaque or pearly effect

Body wash Create an opaque or pearly effect

Hand wash Create an opaque or pearly effect

Conditioners Create an opaque or pearly effect

Moisturisers Create an opaque or pearly effect

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