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Emulsifier PL Flakes 20kg

Emulsifier PL Flakes 20kg

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Emulsifier PL Flakes are a non-ionic plant-based wax emulsifier derived from fatty alcohols and sugars.

Its INCI name is Cetearyl alcohol (and) Cetearyl glucoside.

It produces elegant water in oil emulsions, and is a very mild emulsifier, even for those with sensitive skin, as the lamellar emulsion structure it creates is very similar to the skins natural lipids.

It is suitable for all types of emulsion products including creams, lotions, milks, balms and sunscreens. It must be added to the oil phase and heated to 75-80°C.

Use level is between 3 - 10% depending on the product type and viscosity of emulsion required, and it is stable from pH 4 - 10.

Emulsifier PL Flakes are suitable for all types of skin creams, body lotions, conditioners, serums, treatments, balms and milks.

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