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Dimethicone 500 (Silicone Oil) 100ml

Dimethicone 500 (Silicone Oil) 100ml

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Dimethicone, or Silicone Oil, is a very useful emollient, skin protectant and waterproofing material. This product is a thin oil, 350 centistokes in viscosity. If you require a thicker, higher viscocity product, then please Contact Us as we have many other viscosities available.

Dimethicone adds slip, smoothness and glide to skincare and haircare products of all types.

Dimethicone is a very versatile ingredient and uses include;

Skincare Handcreams, facail moisturisers, cream cleansers, exfoliants, body lotions and masques

Barrier Creams Ideal for "invisible glove" Barrier Creams and lotions - us 5 - 15% depending on the level of protection required

Hair Care May be emulsified into Cream Shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products

Waterproofing May be applied to hard surfaces to repel water, dirt and mud

Anti-foam Breaks down detergent foam

Silly Putty Dimethicone gives silly putty is elasticity and bounce

Hydrophobic sand Dimethicone is used to coat Hydrophobic sand and give its dramatic properties

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