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D-Limonene 99% min

D-Limonene 99% min

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d-Limonene has a huge variety of uses including;
    • Solvent for adhesives
    • Degreaser for machine parts
    • Hand cleaners
    • Botanical insecticide
    • Fragrancing of personal care products
    • Concrete cleaning
    • Dishwashing liquids
    • Paint stripper Acetone replacement
    • Turpentine replacement
    • Adhesive and gum remover
    • Biofuel PCB Cleaner
    • Grease trap cleaner for restaurants
    • Histology clearing
    • Laundry detergents
    • Stain removers for clothes
    • Household hard surface cleansers
    • Ink remover Car Wash
    • Carpet stain remover
    • Solvent for 3D printing
    • Xylene replacement
    • Perfumery ingredient
    • Stamp adhesive remover
    • Model airplane glue solvent
    • Histology solvent
    • Solvent for paints

Safety Information
Caution – D-Limonene is flammable and will defat the skin. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid all contact with skin and eyes, wear chemical resistant gloves when handling. Store tightly closed in the original packaging. Store in a cool dark place, away from sources of ignition.

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