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Copper Tripeptide-1 1000ppm solution

Copper Tripeptide-1 1000ppm solution

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Copper Tripeptide-1, also known as Copper Peptide GHK-Cu, has a concentration of 1000ppm in a waterbased solution.  It is synthesized by combining the three peptide residues. glycyl-histidyl-lysine to Copper ions.  It is a rejuvenating powerhouse, highly active at low doses, and accelerates the healing of scars, (including acne scars), reducing facial wrinkles, nourishing hair roots and stimulating hair growth of the scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows.  Suitable for use in conjunction with a Derma Roller to stimulate the production of new skin cells at a faster rate.

May be utilised in all types of skincare, haircare and personal care products.

Several controlled facial studies confirmed anti-aging, firming, and anti-wrinkle activity. Applications include eye cream and eye makeup, anti-aging treatment, facial moisturizer/lotion, sunscreen, and body lotion.

Typical use level in skincare is 1 - 3%

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