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Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin

Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin

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Coconut oil has many used from food to personal care products. This grade is Raw, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. Packed in a convenient pail.

Common uses include;
    • Soap-making - In combination with other vegetable oils and glycerine
    • Dry skin relief - Can be applied neat to relieve dry skin
    • Personal care cleansers - Moisturizing agent for hand wash, shower gel
    • Skincare - Moisturizer for creams, lotions and balms
    • Hair care - Conditioning agent, moisturizer, humectant
    • Biodiesel - Can be used to power cars, trucks, generators
    • Natural herbicide - Can be modified to produce a weed killer
    • Detergent material - Many types of detergents can be made from coconut oil
    • Engine lubricant
    • Transformer oil
    • Make Up remover - Melt coconut oil, apply a small amount to a pad, wipe off
    • Natural deodorant - With baking soda, arrowroot, cornstarch & essential oils
    • Massage oil - Melt and rub!
    • Seasoning cookware - Melt and apply to cast iron cookware prior to use

Safety Information
Avoid direct eye contact.

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