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Coconut DEA 85%

Coconut DEA 85%

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Coconut DEA (also known as Cocamide DEA) has many uses from industrial uses such as corrosion inhibition to personal care products. It is an effective thickening agent, foam booster, stabilizer, fragrance and essential oil solubilizer, emulsifier, dispersant and detergent. Common uses include:

Bath Products - It is used in Bath products like shampoos, Shower Gel, Bubble baths, Liquid soaps as foaming agent

Cosmetics Products - In cosmetics products Coconut DEA is used as emulsifying agent

Laundry detergents - Boosts foam and thickens formulations

Dishwashing liquids - Assist with the removal of soils, thickens the product and boosts foaming

Polishing Agents - Used as corrosion inhibitor in Polishing Agents

Perfume/Floral water - Can be used to dissolve (solubilize) fragrance oils and essential oils into water.

Safety Information
Avoid direct skin and eye contact with the concentrated product, as it may be irritating.
Keep out of the reach of children.

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