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Coco Glucoside 50% min

Coco Glucoside 50% min

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Coco Glucoside has many uses from food to personal care products. It is an environmentally sound choice is it is made from renewable materials and is highly biodegradable. It is extremely mild to the skin and is suitable for people with sensitive skin conditions. Common uses include:

Liquid Soaps Used to increase the foam in liquid soaps

Skin Care Products Used to increase the thickness of skin care products like creams & moisturisers

Detergents Effective detergent for Dishwashing Liquids, Wool washes, laundry liquids, hard surface cleaners such as floor cleaners.

Rinse aids Environmentally friendly detergent for rinse aids

Hair Care Products Used as a good cleaning agent in shampoos

As Emulsifier Used as emulsifier in skin care & hair care products

Baby Care Products Used in baby care products as it is very mild to skin

Other Uses Used in hair dyes, scrubs, acne treatment, facial moisturisers, gel and cream facial cleansers, facial masques and exfoliants.

Safety Information

Direct eye and skin contact with the concentrated product should be avoided and it may be irritating. Keep out of the reach of children.

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