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Citric Acid 99% minimum

Citric Acid 99% minimum

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Citric Acid has many uses from food to personal care products.  Common uses for Citric Acid include:
    • In Ice Creams: Used as emulsifying agent to prevent caramel from crystallization
    • Home brewing: Used to increase acidity of water and lower pH. Use 5grams (one teaspoon) per four litres will increase acidity by 0.1%.
    • Flavoring agent: Used in dishes for its sourness, replacement of vinegar
    • Soft Drinks: Used as preservative in soft drinks & sodas
    • Chelating agent: As chelating agent it binds with metals in hard water and ease foam production & hence cleaning
    • In Boilers: Used as scale remover in boilers
    • Water Softener: Used to treat hard water and help soap & detergent lathers in it well
    • Stain Removal: Solution with 6% citric acid helps to remove hard water stains from glass
    • In Shampoo: Used in shampoos to remove wax & color from hair
    • In Creams & gels: Used in creams & gels as pH balancing component
    • Dyeing: Used as food coloring agent
    • Photography: Used as lower odor stop bath while photograph film developing

Contact us for recipes, hints, tips and tricks for using Citric acid or check out for more information.

Safety Information
Since it is a weak acid, frequent exposure to Citric Acid may be harmful. It may cause cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and abdominal pain. Over exposure to the skin may cause irritation. All eye contact should be avoided, as this may cause redness and pain. Continual consumption may also lead to erosion of tooth enamel.

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