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Castor Wax Flakes

Castor Wax Flakes

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Castor Wax Flakes, also known as Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a useful wax to thicken and harden a wide range of products. It is derived from the Castor Bean, and after the oil is extracted from the bean, it is bubbled with hydrogen gas to produce a wax. Common uses include;

Bar Soaps Add to cold process and hot process soaps to make a firmer bar

Skincare Can be used to thicken skincare products such as creams and lotions

Haircare Can be used to help thicken conditioners and hair styling products

Balms Combine with vegetable oils, essential oils and beeswax to produce a skin balm

Contact us for recipes to make Bar Soaps, Balms, creams and lotions using Castor Wax.

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