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Camphor Oil

Camphor Oil

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Camphor Oil is a potent aromatic oil distilled from the bark of from many different trees including camphor basil and the camphor laurel. It has been used for a variety of applications including decongestants, chest rubs, muscle rubs, joint pain relief, deodorant, as well as other uses around the home to repel moths from clothing and textiles.

Camphor Oil has been used since ancient times for a wide variety of applications, including;

Equine care: Used as a cooling ingredient, also in muscle and ligament rubs.

Skincare: To increase blood flow to the skin and muscles, also as a local anaesthetic

Joint pain: Warms sore and aching joints, improves flexibility, assists with pain relief

Food: As an aromatic flavour for South Asian cuisine

Pest control: Used for insect control and to repel moths

Medicine: In combination with Menthol as a decongestant (ask us for recipes!)

Embalming: Used by the ancient Egyptions as part of the embalming fluids for mummification

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