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Calcium chloride 1kg

Calcium chloride 1kg

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Calcium chloride flakes 77% purity FCC grade.

Ideal for increasing calcium content of cheeses, by restoring the Ca++ (calcium ion) content to pasteurized/homogenized milk. Fully dissolve 1g in 3-4 g of water for every 4L of milk, to create a stronger curd after the milk has been warmed, and before adding starter culture or rennet.

For home brewing, Calcium Chloride is used to increase the level of permanent hardness (calcium water hardness). Calcium Chloride sets the correct pH level for the mash and wort and eliminates variations in water composition that can occur when using surface water sources. Calcium chloride provides the calcium ions needed for enzymatic activation, as well as kettle protein coagulation and yeast metabolism.

Calcium chloride can be used in damp conditions to absorb moisture and prevent the build up of moulds.

On lawns and farms, Calcium chloride provides an immediate source of calcium with virtually no harmful affects to the environment. It doesn't raise the soil's pH, so calcium can be delivered to plants without altering the soil's chemistry.

Also useful for de-icing, freezing point depression, laboratory work and water absorption/drying operations, replacement of gypsum (Calcium sulphate) when sulphates are not desired.

Also useful for pickling, making tofu, making mineral water etc.

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