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Benzyl alcohol

Benzyl alcohol

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Benzyl alcohol can be used as part of an effective natural preservative system, and can be used for skincare and cosmetics. It must be used at a pH of less than 6, and preferably about 5, to have optimal effectiveness.

It can be used for both leave on and rinse off applications in the range 0.2 to 1.0% and should be dispersed with mixing as early as possible in the formulation process. It is most effective when incorporated during the cooling down phase of the manufacturing process to prevent vaporisation. A pH greater than 6 during the manufacturing process does not cause any degradation of the actives, but for adequate protection the pH of the final product should be adjusted to 6 or less.
Because of the large variation in the composition of cosmetic products it is important that the preserving effectiveness is evaluated in the final formulation using appropriate microbial challenge tests.

Benzyl alcohol is suitable for a wide range of personal care applications including:
• Shampoos
• Hair conditioners
• Styling gels
• Liquid soaps
• Bath gels
• Moisturising creams
• Body creams and milks
• Suntan lotions
• Decorative cosmetics

Recommended usage rate is 0.2% - 1% in a pH of 6 or less.
Product should be dispersed during the cool-down phase of manufacturing in order to prevent vaporisation of the Benzyl Alcohol.

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