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Bentone Gel

Bentone Gel

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BENTONE GEL GTCC V is a specially prepared dispersion of a mineral origin organically modified hectorite in Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride. This grade is designed to impart rheological control and suspension to organic- and silicone-based cosmetics.

BENTONE GEL GTCC V is also particularly useful in emulsions and can be used in "cold process" systems. It provides thermostable viscosity control of the emulsion's oil phase, improves application properties, enhances skin-feel by masking greasy or tacky components and imparts a pleasant residual silkiness to the skin.

BENTONE GEL® GTCC V is an alternative to traditional polymer or cellulose-based thickeners for stabilizing emulsions. This product is compliant with RSPO, Vegan, and ISO 16128 requirements.

This is an extremely versatile product with a multitude of uses for personal care products.

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