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Bemotrizinol (i.e. Tinosorb S) 1kg

Bemotrizinol (i.e. Tinosorb S) 1kg

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Bemotrizinol, also known as BEMT, Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine or Tinosorb S is a High SPF sun care products with good UVA protection represent an important market segment. BEMT functions in the oil phase to provide broad UV protection and photostability.  Bemotrizinol can block UVA/UVB light in the wavelength range of 290-370 nm, and can work very well with other sunscreens. Bemotrizinol is highly stable under sunlight  and is suitable for formulations with innovative sensory profiles.

Bemotrizinol is highly efficient at low concentration and free of preservatives. Bemotrizinol is perfect for long-lasting sun care and face care products that offer distinctive sensory experiences. From the oil phase, Bemotrizinol offers broad UV protection and photostability. Elaborate sensory profiles for sun care that lasts. Bemotrizinol is known for its cutting-edge SPF technology and ability to protect against UVA rays, making it a highly sought after ingredient in the world of sun care products. Featuring an innovative sensory profile, this oil phase additive is highly efficient at low concentrations, and it offers a superior sensory experience. The best part? It's preservative-free, making it a top choice for long-lasting, high-quality sun and face care products.

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