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Beeswax White Cosmetic Blend

Beeswax White Cosmetic Blend

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White cosmetic grade beeswax is a blend of white beeswax and vegetable waxes. Refined, pure white and odourless.

Cosmetic beeswax has many uses from food to personal care products. Common uses include:
    • Fruits: For preventing water loss, it is used as glazing agent for some fruits
    • Lip Care: Beeswax is used in Lip balms and lip gloss
    • Skin Care: It is used in skin creams and moisturizers
    • Eye Makeup: Beeswax is also used in eye shadows and eye liner
    • Hair Care: It is used in hair pomades & moustache wax to make hair look shiny
    • Candles: It is used in making candles, especially Easter candles
    • Bone Wax: For surgical purposes it is used in bone wax to control bleeding
    • Polishes: It is used in shoe polishes and furniture polishes

Safety Information
Cosmetic beeswax is flammable. So while dealing with candles or any other product made with Beeswax some care and protection is required if sources of ignition are present.

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