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Avocado Oil - Refined

Avocado Oil - Refined

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Avocado Oil is obtained by a cold pressing of the whole fruit of avocado (seed, pulp and skin).  Avocado Oil is a nourishing & moisturizing oil. Its emollient & softening effects is coupled to a very good compatibility with the skin, since Avocado Oil's composition is close to that of the sebum. This oil has essential qualities for face /body nourishing care formulas or to add shine to hair. Avocado Oil helps regenerating the hydrolipidic film for a skin rejuvenating effect. This oil also has excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties thanks to its fatty acid composition making it suitable even for sensitive skin care. Avocado Oil does not impact the color and smell of cosmetic formulations. Avocado Oil is approved by Ecocert Greenlife, according to the COSMOS Standard.

Uses of Avocado Oil

Dry Skin Relief: Apply directly on skin helps relive dry skin.

Creams and lotions: Avocado oil is useful as an excellent moisturizer in creams and lotions

Scalp Use: application of avocado oil on scalp treats itching and stimulate hair growth

Ageing Effect: Applying avocado oil on skin also prevents early skin ageing.

Acne Treatment: take few drops of avocado oil and apply on skin to reduce acne.

Facial Mask: Mixing few drops of oil in face masks retains moisture in skin

After shower: Apply avocado oil on dry & damp skin after shower for nourished skin

Edible Usage: Used in salads as salad dressing

Health Benefits: Consuming avocado oil in food is good for heart & regulates sugar levels.

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