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Australian Pink Clay 500g

Australian Pink Clay 500g

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Australian Pink Clay Pink Clay can be used for a variety of detox, clay mask & exfoliating skincare products, also for haircare clay pomades. It is suitable for delicate, sensitive or dry skin.

Australian Pink Clay helps remove toxins from the skin, can assist with promoting skin softness and can be used as a mild exfoliant for the face and body. It can be used on all skin types. Uses include;

Detox Masks Incorporate with water or hydrosols to create a paste. Add more or less water to create the desired consistency

Clay Mask Add to creams, lotions and gels to help remove toxins

Haircare Pomade Add 5% Australian Pink Clay to add hold and provide a matt finish

Exfoliant Add 2-5% to a cream or lotion, and add Pumice if a greater level of exfoliation is required

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