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Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic Acid

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Ascorbic Acid has many uses from food to medical care products – it is an essential vitamin that must be supplied via the diet as it cannot be made by the body. Common uses include:

Food additives: Used as antioxidants in food substances

Skin care: Used as beneficial antioxidant in creams, lotions and balms

Skin brightener: Reduces the appearance of age spots and lightens skin tone

Photography: Used as reductant in photographic developer solutions

Fluorescence: Microscopy Used an antioxidant to increase fluorescent signal & chemically retard photo bleaching

Stain Cleaner: Used for removing the stains from metals like iron, from fiberglass swimming pool surfaces

Plastic Manufacturing: Used to assemble the molecular chains quickly (polymerisation accelerator) and to reduce waste

Water Purification: Used to negate the effects of iodine tablets in water purification.

Safety Information
If consumed in excess quantities, it may cause redness in skin, swelling of lips, breathing problems, stomach problems, body pain, itching or skin allergy.

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